A voluntary eco-responsible approach

  • BETC verte

    no negative impact
    environmentally friendly

  • green edition

    ISO 14001

  • For you, advertisers

    Vertuous advertising agency

For BETC, communicating without negative impact is a matter of course

Unfortunately, it is less so in our world of communicators.
Today, making ecological communication
a real strategic choice….

No need for rules,
Since its creation, BETC has been committed to an environmental approach.

All the small details of the Agency’s daily life,
from the paper ball to computers, are intelligently used…
The notion of travel is also essential and thoughtful.

For BETC, having an ecological vision
of work is a matter of course.
They talk about us...
  • 01____Regis Mantz Architecte

    In the world of construction there is a lot to do for the environment, BETC has been able to support me in order to enhance my work…

  • 02____Jean François Etesia

    In our world of green spaces, being a virtuous company is an obvious fact that Etesia has improved over the years, with a partner like BETC we are going to the end of our approach.

  • 03____Robert Delbeque Eurobéton industrie

    We produce products on a large scale, for Eurobéton industrie the environment is also in our DNA, BETC has helped us to enhance our approach….

We are in love in the soul
of our planet

that we’ve been surveying for years
in search of images.
We were able to discover man’s misdeeds
on our environment and in our vision,
every little gesture can have an impact…,
it’s our priesthood.

BETC and the green edition

All our suppliers, printers, screen printers or others,
have been selected according to their approach
(Imprim’Vert, Print Environnement, ISO 14001 labels)
and for years we have integrated into our specifications PEFC papers,
recycled papers, aqueous and solvent-free inks.

Customers and future customers....

Working with BETC is the assurance of having an eco-responsible approach in line with the values conveyed by your company.
Our identity as a green and virtuous communication agency is an undeniable asset for your image.
There are many green solutions, we will guide you in eco-communication and eco-design.